Nataliia Korotkova (IIA KO) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Oslo, from St. Petersburg. She graduated from The Oslo National Academy of the Arts and St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, and currently studying at the Tokyo University of the Arts.


She works in the intersection of performance art, spaces, and narratives in an urban context and relation to the time.

Her general field of interest is the integration the study of the historical experience of interactions with the macroenvironment and creation of environments for harmonious interactions of personal spaces and rethinking alternative conceivable utopian spaces.

Among her works are research projects, performances, installations, and audio-pieces, accompanied by artistic books, graphics, and art essays. 

'Design not as reflection of reality, but as a way of existence.'


In my work i'm focusing revise the relationship 'body and space' from different angles that It enabled me to seek the origin of the theoretically pure form of design - covering inspiration, reflecting and analyzing such interaction moments as conversation between man and design space: design not as reflection of reality, but as a way of existence.