Inner Garden -

Play with Time




Board Game

The infinite potential of Inner Garden gives rise to many scenarios for its use, one of which may be the formation of a memory of a place and time, where memory can be identified with a locality and serve as a kind of indicator of what happened within this locality. The game then goes beyond the immediate material value, acquiring intertemporal value.



Growing Together

Every movement and every waiting period forms a special knowledge and experience about place and time. Thereby, each grain immersed into the soil, gives rise to something new, posessing an inseparable knowledge of culture of the place as such. The Inner Garden is a library of plants that are born thanks to our time, where we, through our movements, carry knowledge in ourselves, passing it on for generations through the ritual of the game. At the end we are growing collective garden all around the world.




Water, seed, and soil are ingredients that archive time and knowledge about a place through a process that is the transmission of a distinctive cultural code, which includes a deep understanding of the ritual as such. Such knowledge has awareness of time, which can tell us about the origins of our heritage, and create an unique form of perception of the world around us.