Nesodden; Norway 



In August and December 2020, it is planned to create an open exhibition space on the coast of the Nesodden municipality. The project aims to study and understand such features of modern reality as the rapid and continuous change in the social and technological context, super-intensive information flows and global transparency of personal and public spaces. The main emphasis will be made on the investigation of the influence of these features on evolution of individual and collective level of communication between citizens of Oslo.


The Stemmelandskap project involves the study of a person’s perception of her / himself in modern surrounding reality through the prism of his / her internal, unreflected monologue, generated by the environment. First of all, we are talking about the moment when the interaction with reality has already occurred, but the wording has not yet been shaped, i.e. the sensations are not yet distorted by the conscious inner work of choosing particular words and emphasises. Moreover, since any city is inter alia an amalgam of local individual spaces, such internal monologues can be studied not as a reflection of rigid architectural structures, but as a reflection of similar internal monologues.

As a result, the whole city, its image and shape, can be perceived as the result of the synergy of many individual unconscious reflections. And the further organization of urban structures is unlikely to ignore such an approach. Finally, the ongoing dynamic development of the reality requires the study of an internal monologue not at a fixed point in time, but over a long period. Therefore, the 'Stemmelandskap' project involves not just a study of today's monologues of Oslo residents, but their development and dynamics over the XX-XXI centuries.

password: 1401



Text and narrative:

Nataliia Korotkova

Music accompaniment:

Simen Korsmo Robertsen 


Mari Koppanen