Space of Voice



Oslo; Norway




The space of the voice forms meanings until the moment of formation of a physical space of a dialogue. In this space, everyone lays an individual route to a certain collective medium where the boundaries of individual subjective reality merge with the spaces of common location. The voice space becomes part of the space of internal monologue as a transitional stage between the open form of comprehension and the moment of reflection. Meanwhile, the collective voice space becomes a place where disjoint monologues fuse; their spaces are so close to each other that the differences between them get blurred and a different paradigm of their interaction is formed. The difference between such monologues is perceptible only at the moment of relocation and receding from subjective reality in which every body submits to merging with urban information flows.

The five voice stories is an attempt to dip into the space of personal relocation and to get immersed in this displacement process where the boundary of subjective physical space within the city evanesces.


Each voice essay is a collaboration with musicians with different backgrounds.

no. 01 accompaniment by Simen Korsmo Robertsen 

voice: Mari Koppanen

no. 02 accompaniment by Lorenzo Travaglini (SUNBERNARDO)

voice: Alex Beck