16 Minutes of Poverty

{A} 7.30 min

{B} 8.70 min

{sound on demand}


*This sound is part of a cross-disciplinary project, which is a set of works conceived as a series of sound installations "16 Minutes of Poverty".

The project was inspired by an article by Kirill Borissov and Andrei Radionov on poverty and inequality (European Universit, St. Petersburg).

70°35′N 22°44′E 

{A} 13.26 min

{B} 11.00 min

{sound on demand}

Everyday Existence Through the Time

{A} 12.00 min

{B} 12.03 min

{sound on demand}

En Etter En

{A} 05.10 min

{B} 07.00 min

{sound on demand}


{A} 07.48 min

{sound on demand}


{A} 09.23 min

{B} 08.33 min

{sound on demand}

Touching the Reflection

{A} 07.56 min

{sound on demand}


{A} 08.00 min

{B} 12.33 min

{sound on demand}